Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Question Follow-ups

Wow, lots of questions to answer.  I will try and get through all of them.  ;)

Closet System:
It is the Martha Stewart closet system from Home Depot.  You go online and put in the closet dimensions and pick the styles for each section you want and then it gives you a parts list.  Our HD only carries the espresso color in stock.  So, below is what you get once you finish your design.  HD is great that you can order online and pick up in the store and they will have it all ready for you.  We didn't do that the first go round, but since they didn't have enough of some of the pieces, we had to get more and the second time I just ordered online and they had a cart waiting for us.  The first go round was HEAVY and filled my entire SUV.  There was only one piece they didn't carry in the store and was an online only piece - a 12" deep drawer, so they had to ship that one to the house.

Dryer Vent:
PM came by with a flexible soft dryer vent hose and that went on easy peasy for hubby and no cut fingers!  I have now done two loads of laundry with no issues with the dryer.  The only problem I have is that our laundry room smells a little like the blue water in an unused port-a-john and I can't figure out if it is coming from the washer and dryer, the laundry soaps, or the house.  I even have an air freshener in the there and it doesn't really mask the smell.  So I keep the door closed.

We got the blinds at HD.  They are just their standard 2" faux wood blinds.  They had a ton of sizes in stock.  We needed 34-3/4" x 61-3/4 for most of the windows and 38-3/4" for three of the bedrooms (not the master).  So we purchased the 35x64 and 39x64.  I think they were about $30-40 each.  Hubby had to cut a small bit off of the rail at the top since it was exactly the same size as the opening, but the slats themselves were perfect in the openings.  They are one slat too long, but I'm not worried about it.  There is a way to remove the one slat, but I don't think we will.  As for the end pieces, they are supposed to be used if you mount the blinds on the outside of the window.  Ours were mounted on the inside, but the end caps can be trimmed with snips and Hubby just took off the extra corner piece and it fit perfectly.  I love how they look like crown molding.

Paint Colors:
I really need to get a better shot of the family room now that it is all set-up and clean.  We still need some pictures on the walls and I need to fill up the frames that are in a box on the mantle, but other than that, I think the family room is done.  The bedroom also needs something on the walls and probably some curtains.  I can't decide if I want curtains in the family room or not.  I love the look of the blinds and would hate to cover that up.  Anyway, the family room color is SW Sand Dune and the bedroom is Mink, which is part of the HGTV color collection called Livable Luxe.  I have paint to do the master bath, but just haven't done it yet.  It is called Silvermist and it is also from the Livable Luxe collection, so it is supposed to be complementary to the Mink.
SW Sand Dune

SW Mink
SW Silvermist

Fancy Curtain:
My super fancy bathroom curtain is from the Kitchen collection!  It was such a great find.  Actually we will be replacing it with a window frosting from HD.  I bought one, but it was too short, so I need to exchange it for a longer size.


  1. I LOVE your colors!! LOVE THEM!!!

    And I got to tell you, that's one heck of closet you're gonna have. I hope you'll post pics of the finished product for all of us to drool over. lol

  2. Thanks Noey. I got some pictures of the family room, so I will try and post tomorrow. Pictures just don't do the paint justice. So far, everyone has loved the paint schemes and love how the family room paint looks against the stone fireplace.

  3. I love the Livable Luxe collection! I used Silvermist as an accent on my family room, morning room,and upstairs hallway accent. It's such a sophisticated color. I love the Mink color too. Your blinds look great esp the molding. I just have the regular standard valence.

  4. How is your Costco garage opener working for you? I have the same one and it's not as whisper quiet as I thought it was going to be. I had it installed by someone my PM recommended, but the work was a little shady. :(

    1. Compared to our townhouse, it is almost silent. For us, it is the actual door that is making so much noise. It seems like the rollers wobble in the track or something. We are not impressed with our uninsulated door that RH put in. We are thinking of contacting the door company to see if we can swap it out for an insulated door. We spent a lot of time and money adding extra insulation to the garage and it is pretty much useless with an uninsulated door.