Friday, January 27, 2012

Moved on Up

Well, we have finally Moved on Up!!  Like Sgt. Rich said, we are moved in, but definitely not unpacked.  Our goal is to get the first level unpacked as soon as possible.  We have people coming for dinner both Saturday and Sunday.

So far we have painted the family room and the master bedroom.  I am not a great painter by any means, but I don't think I did too bad for my first real big painting job.  We could have paid someone to come out, but I just couldn't see spending money on something I potentially could do myself. 

Hubby has hung all 12 blinds that we purchased.  We still need to buy curtains for the windows we did not put blinds in (living room, dining room, and morning room).

Hubby is almost done installing the garage door opener.  He had some issues with it last weekend and hasn't had a chance to get back at it. 

Hubby has also put up the family room ceiling fan and two outlet nightlights for the kids.  They are really cool and really light up the hallways.

Today, Hubby finished getting the TV and most of the speakers up and running.  He still needs to run the wire for rear speakers.  But all the family room boxes are finally unpacked!!  Here are some pictures from last night (before the boxes were finished).

My poor morning room has seen the brunt of the unpacking.  It is almost finished though.  Still need to find some chairs to put in here, but until I do, my rocking chair will sit in here so I can still have my morning coffee and read my books.

More Kitchen shots.  Guess I need to hit the store this weekend to get some food.  We did however make dinner every night this week except tonight since payday Fridays are always eat out nights.  It was nice to not HAVE to eat out every night as we have done for the last month.

I finally got to use my birthday present (Dec. 28).  I figured there was no point opening it up till after we moved. I have used it every morning since the day after settlement.  I love my new coffee maker.

We moved over the fridge from our old house and the one from RH is currently sitting in the garage waiting for us to take it back over to the old house.  That will be next weekend.

The dining room is set-up, but we decided we didn't like the location of the china hutch so we will have to move that this weekend.  No furniture for the living room yet - that will have to wait a little bit.  We don't really ever use a living room anyway, so no hurry.

For now, Hubby's stuff is in garage, but soon he will open a door between the garage and the study and will move all his tools to the study.  But, even with the stuff in there I can still park my SUV.  What a nice change from our townhouse where even with an empty garage my car was too long and we couldn't park both cars at the same time.  You can see the RH fridge in here.

My washer and dryer came on Saturday and I finally used them this week.  I watched the washing machine to see how it works, but didn't watch the dryer.  I really should have.  The HD guys didn't install the vent correctly and when the dryer was done I finally went back into the laundry room only to walk into a sauna with moisture dripping off the ceiling.  :(   Not happy.  Talked to PM to see if he had a suggestion and he brought a different kind of hose.  So we'll see if we can get that one to stay on.

Hubby still needs to put up the closet organizer that was sitting in my car for 3 weeks.  Glad to finally get my trunk back.

Here is our painted bedroom with what was our family room tv.  We put the basement tv in the family room, our family room tv in our bedroom, and now the kids need a new tv for the loft.  We will get one eventually, but I think I need some curtains in the house first.  Hopefully I can get some better shots this weekend of the paint color.

My one and only "curtain" in the house.  Eventually we plan to use a frosted glass film on this window.  This is the window above our soaking tub.

The only other thing we have done is to swap out the dining room light with the one we had in our old house.  I love the fact that it matches so much better than what RH put in.


  1. Everything looks marvelous! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. More pictures always = better as far as I am concerned. I love that fancy curtain, too. Please do share where you got it. ;-)

  2. Did you put the RH chandelier somewhere else or just replace it?
    What are the paint colors you used? They are beautiful!

  3. Wow! Everything is really coming together! Love the blinds. Where did you get them? Your chandelier looks great. Congrats again. And I totally agree with Tammi: the more pictures, the better :)

  4. Love the colors. Everything looks great!

  5. I'm interested in the blinds too. Where did you get them?

  6. that is a nice coffee maker! I just got mine as a late xmas present and love it.
    I found the "hooking up of the dryer" to be a frustrating exercise. Good Luck.

  7. Everything looks great. Love the paint colors! I can't wait to see that closet system installed. Did you buy each piece individually based on what you wanted, or is it just boxed separately?