Thursday, January 19, 2012

Knock Knock

....Who's there?



Finally made it to settlement today.  What a ridiculous situation we have been through.  But, it is all over now and we have the keys.  Settlement went quickly and I think we were done in about 20 or 25 minutes.  Went over to the house afterwords and ordered pizza.  FINALLY unloaded the closet organizer from my car.  Hubby is now taking some stuff over to the house.  Tomorrow we will be finishing packing at the old house and then going over to have a slumber party at the new house.  Saturday is painting and projects day.  Hubby will be putting up the garage door opener and blinds while I paint the family room and master bedroom.  Movers come Monday.  Everything still feels a bit unreal.  Just happy to finally have the keys in hand and know that we finally have our forever home!


  1. Yea!!!! Congratulations!! I'm glad the ordeal is over and you can finally enjoy your new home! So happy for you! Can't wait to see it painted! Enjoy that slumber party tomorrow! Congrats again!

  2. Congratulations! You deserve every little inch of happiness in that house. Enjoy it!

  3. Congratulations! So glad you finally have your keys and start settling into your new home. Enjoy!

  4. geez, take forever! haha, congrats. How did the pizza order go? we had give directions. It seems a neighborhood that has been around for ..... 5 YEARS is hard to find on a map.

    1. They found us pretty easily even without the porch lights on - didn't realize they weren't on. Oops. Lets see if the Chinese delivery guy will be as successful tonight.

      Hubby took our hand-move items over last night. Tonight we will take over a TV, wii, and dvd player so the kids have something to do tomorrow. Cable guy doesn't come till Sunday.

  5. YAY!!! It's about dang time. So happy for you gal!

  6. I am so excited for you to finally be done with holding your breathe and be in your new home! Congrats :)