Sunday, December 11, 2011

We Are So Totally Stoned!

Yesterday we got stoned - so totally stoned!  HAHA.  They got all of the outside stone up yesterday.  We thought they might start the fireplace, but all they did was put stone in the house and three buckets of sand. Guess they will do it tomorrow.  Friday we received our toilets and powder room sink.  We also found that they had cut into the wall in Bath #2 - not sure what that is about and they cut into the wall behind where the fridge will go.  We thought it was odd that they would mount the water line on the side wall and then have to run the line behind a cabinet to get to the fridge.  Well I guess they decided it wasn't the smartest place for it since they have now moved it behind where the fridge will go.  Now the question is, will they replace the cabinet they cut into originally to run the water line since it has a nice hole in the side of it.  It isn't too big of a deal since you will only see the hole if you open the cabinet and look inside.

The neighbors on one side of us will move in this week.  They will be the first on the street.  I think the house on the other side will settle the week before us, then Songig will settle the day before us.  We settle on the 30th at 11am.  Then after settlement we will head over to the house to start prepping to paint.  We will have until the night of the 2nd to get all of the painting done - master and family room and maybe the master bath.

So - if anyone wants to see us getting stoned, I guess I can post the pictures - look away if you aren't into getting stoned.  =)

Fireplace is prepped for stone

For the hearth

The stone mantel

Our gas logs


  1. Look great! What color are your shutters going to be?

  2. Shutters are Winestone and front door is black.

  3. Ok, huge kudo's for the title! that rocks.
    How do you like the Winestone? That's the color we picked as well.

  4. Everything is looking good. I am totally jealous of you getting stoned! I thought I would get stoned this weekend, but only turned out to be half-baked. LOL

    Stone work-wise I mean.

  5. You all "stoned" is looking really great! :) We also got "stoned" over Friday and Saturday. :)

    Our electric work will get done tomorrow.
    And I am also wondering about the same thing about that removed cabinet and the hole. I so wish we also could paint the house sothat I can choose my furniture color accordingly. But we decided to wait until 10 month inspection. (All those nail pops N all ..) That and may be save some money for painting the whole house. :)

  6. We have decided to paint the family room and master bedroom. If there are fixes down the road then we will just have them fix it and we will repaint again. We are going to use Sherwin-Williams and it covers so well that you probably wouldn't be able to tell that a repair was made.

  7. Party on, Wayne! LOL. I love your stone gal!! I can't wait to see how pretty your fireplace is going to be. :)