Monday, December 12, 2011

Piece de Resistance

Our house is almost complete.  The main focal points of the house are going in.  We are less than three week from settlement.  Today, we received the piece de resistance (from Webster: an outstanding item or event).  And here she is:

But in addition to this magnificent masterpiece, we received carpet, counters, and our driveway!!  I forgot to bring my camera, so everything is taken with my phone.  I will try and get better ones tomorrow.  I also forgot to get a picture of the family room carpet.

Living Room and Dining Room carpet

Upstairs carpet

Our Corian counters in Maui with seamless deep sink

Fancy edges!

The island isn't installed yet since they have to replace one of the island cabinets

The driveway

And I got some better pictures of the bathrooms yesterday:

Powder Room

Guest Bathroom

Kids' bathroom

And here is a picture of the mud room.  We had the closet removed so that we can put in a country bench and upper hooks


  1. You are getting so close! I hope I love my fireplace as much as yours. We did not take the stone fireplace.

  2. OMG, that fireplace is awesome gal!! I adore your Corian countertops also. I have always been a fan of Corian.

  3. Everything looks great! The fireplace is amazing! How great will it be to "fire" that baby up this winter! I like the tile work in the guest bath too - looks nice! :)

  4. Everything looks so beautiful especially that piece de resistance!! Your house is almost ready.

  5. Everything looks great. I hope to see some of the same progress. We are almost 3 weeks out and all we have is drywall!
    Was Corian counters an option with Ryan or did you work some kind of deal?

  6. Fireplace looks awesome. I love the corian too, I really wanted it but was told it wasn't an option.

    What color stone do you have on the exterior?

  7. The stone is susquehanna. The fireplace is the same.