Thursday, December 15, 2011

We ♥ Our PM

Our PM has put up with a lot from us.  We are not the easiest people to work with.  When we bought our current townhouse we looked for over 6 months and saw more homes then our realtor had ever shown to anyone in her 30 year history.  Hubby and I rarely agree on houses, accessories, options, etc.  We fell in love with the Rome floorplan instantly and have been amazingly on the same page the whole time.  But being so nit-picky probably drives our PM crazy.  The amazing part is that he is very accommodating and has tried to ensure all our requests are met.  Go figure, the only items I think he has said no to are because of code requirements.  Our PM more than deserves his 10s!!

PS. Our house was cleaned today and all the final touches have been installed.  Next step is the PMs inspection and a week for updates.  Then right after Christmas we have our final walkthrough.  Watch for pictures tomorrow!