Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let's Add Some Bling!

This week we have seen a lot of activity at the house and more is expected tomorrow.  The best part today was seeing all the lights being on.  We had only two lights connected yesterday, so seeing all the others on was a nice surprise.  We are almost to the 20 day countdown mark.  I can't believe that moving day is almost here.  Guess we really need to get going on our packing and getting a moving company hired.

So in the lighting department we have:

Foyer Lighting

Dining Room Lighting

Stairway Lighting (the infamous "utter" light)

Master Bathroom Lighting

And outside lighting (and our house number, too!!)

In the flooring and tile department we have:

Bath #2 (kids' bathroom) subway tiles - tile is to the ceiling in all of our bathroom - special request

Bath #3 floor tiles (guest bath - but same as kids' bath)

Laundry Room vinyl tile

Master Bath Floor Tile

Master Bath wall tiles

And today's new addition - the wood flooring

In the HVAC department we have:

Our AC compressor

And the basement vents were added this week as well - still not sure why they wait on these

And last but not least, in the home organization department we have:

Shelving!! - this is in the pantry


  1. Ooooohh!! All those finishing touches looks amazing. I can't wait to see our bathroom tiles. One thing I would definitely like RH to change is the infamaous "udder" light or "Boobilier". Well overall all RH standard lighting choices for that matter (IMO). What do you think about the chain length of the chandelier from the ceiling? In some homes it's at a very low level.

  2. LOVE your master bath and shower! It's so pretty. Your "udder" light cracked me up. I refer to those as "boob" lights, lol. The floors look great gal. You are almost done. Whoo hoo!!!

  3. Thank you songig, you had me cracking up. Yes, the chain is too long. We have the same problem in our current house and tied it up higher. We will probably do the same in the new house. Overall I like the lighting, but the boob light needs to go and I would prefer a less formal dining room light.

  4. Everything looks great! I love the master bath tile. The way our floor plan is set up, our house will not have a "boob" light :) Overall, the basic lighting package Ryan offers is better than the builder of our current home. Our lights are so cheap! I will be glad to be leaving them behind. You are so close to being done!

  5. All of your choices look really great together! The tile to the ceiling in the bathroom looks especially nice :). I'm almost certain we have the same lighting package, but no "boobilier". How do the bathroom vanity lights look? Closing will be here for you shortly! Keep us posted on your progress!