Thursday, November 3, 2011

Under Roof

The roof went up yesterday.  Hoping to see paper on the roof today.  Looked like we were going to get a skylight in the 4th bedroom.  Looks like they put it there so they could get up on the roof and work on the peak.  As of this morning it was all covered up again.  Tomorrow we will be meeting with the PM now that the framing is done.  I think we are a week or two out from our pre-drywall.

AND -- some of the windows were even in!

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  1. Great progress...I see you have a few support poles in the basement and your basement floor is poured already...make sure you check those poles and make sure they are square...we had 3 that were not and 2 of them they had to cut the concrete to make room for it to be squared up.