Friday, November 4, 2011

Framing is Done - Outside

The framing is now done and they have put the paper on the roof.  Shingles will be delivered on Monday.  Today they are hoping to get the HVAC guys in and Monday will be the plumbers, Wednesday the electricians.  Pre-drywall should be the week after next.

Windows for the loft.  This elevation gives us an extra foot in the loft.

Master bedroom windows on the side - 2nd floor.  Study window on the side - 1st floor.

Master bedroom windows - 2nd floor.  Study window - 1st floor.  Fireplace bump out.

Master bedroom windows - 2nd floor.  Family room windows - 1st floor.  French door off the morning room bump out.

Master bedroom and master bath windows, family room and morning room windows.  Opening for the basement french door - a sliding door came by mistake so they are waiting for the french door to arrive.

Morning room windows and Dining room windows - 1st floor.  Son's bedroom window - 2nd floor.

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  1. French door is good call for basement walkout. We thought about actually seeing about getting a french door that has both sides that open, but decided we could do that ourselves later if we found it to be a far it has not so it may stay a single door with other side fixed.