Friday, November 4, 2011

Framing is Done - Inside 2nd floor

Looking down from the 2nd floor

Master Bedroom and my walk in closet

Master Bath and hubby's closet

Kids' bathroom

Son's bedroom

Daughter's bedroom


Laundry Room

Guest bedroom

Attached guest bath


  1. It all looks FANTASTIC!!! Next week is going to be total craziness inside the house...all the trades in there at the same time getting all the stuff in the walls...and then a whole bunch of inspections have to get done before insulation and drywall can start.

  2. amazing what a few days bring.
    So I haven't thought to ask anybody until now, but do they use screws or nails to attach the subfloor to the joists?

  3. @Sgt. Rich - they used nails and glue for all the boards. Seems very secure and nice and tight. Hoping with the glue added that they boards will be less likely to squeak.