Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Models

We love our neighborhood - which really is a small town in itself since our "neighborhood" has over 15,000 people!  I pulled up the developers still developing in our neighborhood - which there are really only two left and they are both at the end of development.  Toll Brothers is currently building townhomes and carriage homes (houses with a rear garage, either attached with a breezeway or detached).  Neither fit what we are looking for.  So that leaves Ryan Homes.  We pull up the website and fall in love with the Victoria Falls model.  We drive over to the sales office for West Riding, the section for sale in our community.  The regular sales lady is at another location, but we look around at the Naples Model.  We were surprised how large it felt.  We still really liked the Victoria floor plan better and it just so happens that our sales lady is down the street at another community and they are building a Victoria model that we will be able to tour.  So over we go.  We meet Melinda - very nice and very knowledgeable.  Turns out she has only been working at West Riding since Saturday (and it is now Sunday).  I think she is the "closer" for the community since they are just about finished building.  We really like the Victoria.  It has pretty much everything we are looking for.  Our only issue would probably be cost.

So we go home after our meeting and look over all of the other models available. We come across the Rome - which I originally passed over because I hate having to walk through my bathroom every time I want to go to the closet. But after walking through the Naples, it really wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. And over all, it is something I could learn to live with. So we start to mock up how we would set up our house and decide that the Rome fits a lot better than the Victoria! Great - saves us $15k right up front!

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