Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Study Floor - Check!

The study floor is DONE!  Saturday we pulled up the carpet.  Sunday Taz and our friend laid the tile and then Monday, Taz put down the grout.  Again, this is a vinyl type tile, but is thick enough that you can use grout if you prefer.  I think it will help to keep out saw dust and stuff in the workshop.

In Progress

Tile done - waiting to grout

Grout is done!


  1. that's very nice. What is the brand name of that stick tile? I plan to do a tiled back splash in the kitchen (again -wife had me do one in the last) and if I can skip a step with quality results....I'm in!
    So this is a wood shop? You should have just screwed 3/4 Ply down! haha.

  2. There is a picture of the box in the previous blog post. I know DIY network has some awesome peel and stick tile for backsplashes and the kit includes grout. I think Blue store might carry them in stock. I'll look next time I hop on the laptop.

  3. Here is the tile backsplash kit from DIY Network

    At Blue store: