Sunday, March 11, 2012


So how many people do demo to their house 45 days after moving in?  Well, I doubt we are the first, but here is our project.

We love how the Victoria Falls has a workshop off of the garage.  The Rome doesn't have that option, but there is a study off of the family room that is in the exact position as the Victoria Falls.  So our plan since the beginning was to punch a hole through from the garage and put in a door just like the mudroom entrance.  We got the lowest grade carpet and pad put into that room so that we could pull it up and put down tile.

Yesterday the carpet came up and today the tile is going down.  We chose a peel and stick tile that is thicker than regular peel and stick and you can use grout between the tiles.  They look just like ceramic but will be a lot more durable in the workshop.

I thought I had a picture of the room before the carpet came out, which surprises me that I missed that room.  I also didn't take a picture right after getting the carpet out.  Boy - I'm falling down on my picture taking duties.

So here is the room before carpet, during construction - so it looked about like this when the carpet came out.

And here is the tile going down and pictures of the kind of tile we are using, since I know you fellow bloggers will be asking.  And before I forget, it is from the Orange store (HD).


  1. what's the shop for? mechanic? wood working?
    I like the workshop off the garage idea. I am working hard at turning a portion of my garage into a "shop".

    1. I do both wood working and work on my car. So it is dual purpose. The biggest thing is to get my tools out of the garage and in to a place that I can work on things. This should free up enough space so that The wife can bring her car into the garage as well.

  2. that is an AWESOME idea!! GL!! Can't wait to see more pics as the process continues!

  3. I thought about doing this but then when I saw where our water lines ran, it ruined the whole idea. Our tankless water heater is on the "outside" wall of the garage so the water lines run ALL thru our wall b/w the garage and "workshop" room. I assume you don't have this issue.

    Are you going to seal off the door to the family room or make it an exterior door (another entrance)?

    Cool project though either way. Good luck with it.

    1. I am installing an exterior door from the garage into the workshop and leaving the interior door (for now). During construction I noticed the drain pipe and water line placement and our super cool PM moved them for us so they are not in the way. He also moved a plug out of the way so where I want the door is clear. We had a great PM for this house.