Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Blue Tape of Death

It may not have been the blue screen of death (computer crash), but it sure looked like it.  We now know every square inch of home intimately.  We spent 3 hours Monday scouring every wall and marking every drywall issue with blue tape.  It looked like a roll of blue painters tape exploded in our house.  Most issues are minor and most will be taken care of before settlement.

Today was also our final walk-through and there were no big issues.  Our PM was aware of just about everything.  Now we just have to pack up the old house and wait.  I hate waiting.  I just want everything to be settled so I can get started painting and moving stuff over.  I also hate packing, so this part isn't fun for me.

We are still waiting for the final word on settlement.  In November I lost my job - we signed our contract to build in September.  This was a devastating loss for us, but we have been working through it and are still on track to buy our house, but because of my employment change we had to switch from NVR to an outside mortgage company recommended by NVR.  Our new mortgage guy has been working day and night to get everything approved for settlement.  As it is settlement has to be New Years Eve (Saturday), which NVR has graciously allowed.  I think we will know on Wednesday if we are on track.  This has been super stressful but everyone has been wonderful to keep us on track.  Just before Christmas I finally got my long awaited offer letter for my new job.  Because of the holidays they don't hire between Thanksgiving and Christmas and my interview was just before Thanksgiving.  I pretty much knew I got the job but had to wait for the official letter - which came in last week!

Guess I need to update my countdown to change it from Friday to Saturday.  As for moving, we are scheduled to move on the 3rd, but I just saw a weather forecast which shows the potential for a HUGE snow storm the 3rd to the 4th.  It is still a week out, but one forecast model is calling for 12-24 inches of snow.  It has been typical for the last couple of years to get 2-3 feet of snow in one storm which is VERY unusual for the Washington, DC area.  And so far this winter our weather has been very mild except for a freak snow just before Halloween which was just enough to stick to cars and mulch.  Hopefully it will turn out to be nothing or just rain.  I'm not hopeful though.  Guess we'll know by this weekend.


  1. Hope everything works out for the best. Its ironic how something we have waited so patiently for gets down to the last few days and we just want it to be over and done with.

  2. I have yet to see the ability to decorate in blue tape. I have not yapped with my PM about this. I will have to look into the blue tape phenomenon.

  3. Gina, I feel your pain...I never thought in a million years that building a house would be so stressful, but it sounds like everything is falling into place for you guys! Congrats on the job offer - new year, new house, new job - you are one busy woman!

  4. Gina, congrats on your new home, I wish you a speedy move in date! We'll soon be feeling the walk-through process. Did you request to do the blue tape thing with your PM or did he suggest it? Is this the normal procedure? Did you bring in your blue tape or was it provided to you? Sorry for all the questions, but I will be arriving from a 13 hour flight the same day as the walk-through and really won't have much time other than to get my bags and head straight for the house. Any info is much appreciated. Thank you!

  5. Our PM let us go in ahead of time and we decided to mark up the house with blue tape. I would think that your PM gladly go over the house with you and mark any areas you feel need to be addressed. We just happen to be anal and our PM happens to be very generous.