Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We Were Cleaned Out!

Drove by at 3pm today and the Garage was empty!!  Our cabinets, doors, trim, etc. was delivered yesterday and it was already gone from the garage.  Couldn't stop to see where it all went since I had to pick up the kids.  Hubby went by after dark and found where it all went.

It all went inside!!

Can't believe it is in and up already.

Banisters and trim went up, too

Bathroom vanities and mirrors are up
Kids bathroom

Guest (#3) bath

Master bath

Definitely going to have to go by the house tomorrow and see everything in the daylight.  Can't wait.


  1. Wow that was fast!! Your kitchen and bathroom cabinets looks very nice. Can't wait to see ours'. Now I HAVE to go there tomorrow.

  2. Love it gal!! Everything looks fabulous!

  3. Looking good. That was really fast!

  4. The cabinets are so nice, new and pretty! Love it!

  5. Your kitchen has sooo many cabinets! Also, love there are cabinets on both sides of the island.. was that a special request or standard?

  6. Island cabinets come that way. One side is very shallow and the other side is full size. We are planning on putting four chairs around the one end. Some people make the morning room an eating area and we want to make ours a sitting area, so then we have to use the formal dining room or the breakfast bar. I would rather have the seating area then a third dining area. We debating getting the smaller island and getting a table for the breakfast room (area created when you have the small island), but decided that putting a table there disrupts the flow to the morning room.

  7. Isn't it exciting!? I'm happy for you - and jealous for me. It feels like February will never get here.