Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cyber Monday Deal

Well, we had a great Thanksgiving with my in-laws.  Stopped by the house on our way back into town on Sunday and we had siding sitting in the front yard.  It was a nice sight.

But the sight on Monday was an even better sight.  We had a full garage!  On top of that the siding was up on two sides of the house.  The front and back still need siding.

Siding - Sandy Tan

Doors, trim, and kitchen cabinets

Bath cabinets, locks, door screens



  1. I was there on Monday and saw your siding going up. It looks so beautiful. We both did good job by choosing Sandy Tan. :) Our garage is also full with all kinda stuff.

  2. Siding looks great! And I'm glad with the good weather over Thanksgiving holiday that it seems that you and many others saw a lot of progress with your houses.