Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh Just Stuff It!

Insulation went up yesterday.  Since we are converting the study (accessed from the family room) to a workshop (accessed from the garage), we insulated the study walls ourselves.  Also, they do not insulate the outside walls of the garage - only the walls that touch living space, so we insulated those walls, too.  The insulations guys were very impressed with hubby's insulation job - I think if he ever needed extra work he would have a job with them.

Hubby's Insulation Job - we used Stone wool insulation - it is sound deadening and fire resistant since it is actually made with stone:

Hubby's insulation job in the garage - where you see the paper backing:

And while I was there this morning to get pictures of the insulation, guess what showed up:

Today the inspector will come to approve the insulation.  So tomorrow they will start drywall!!  After this weekend, it will look like a real house inside.  I can't wait.

We have passed all the other inspections so far - so I hope we pass today.


  1. nice job on the insulation. I plan to do the same thing. Seems like a no brainer!

  2. I had no clue adding your own insulation is an option. Did you discuss with SR at the beginning or is it something that came up with the PM after they started building?