Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Framing Delivery

Well, half of our wood has arrived.  I am guessing the bad weather is causing delays yet again.  PM said our wood would arrive today and that if it wasn't raining then they would start framing.  But of course, it is supposed to rain all day on Saturday - may even have a few snow flurries.  I hope this isn't a sign of things to come for the winter.  We don't usually get snow till January.

Looks like we are set to get our basement and garage poured - maybe tomorrow, but I would think definitely on Friday, since of course we are supposed to get more rain tomorrow.

Half of our wood

Front yard re-graded, Grand Canyon is gone

Garage ready for concrete

Basement ready for concrete


  1. Awesome to hear about the wood showing, even if just half! My PM told me last night he's "got to get his foot in this" because our wood is 7 days out.

  2. looks like the ball is about start rolling! let's just hope the weather cooperates!

  3. Yay for your half lumber !! We don't have our wood delivered yet. And our garage and basement floors are also NOT ready for concrete pouring.

  4. I think we are running basically neck-and-neck with you. We expected our basement and garage to be poured this week, but I suspect the rain will bugger that up.

    This winter is expected to be particularly snowy in this half of Pennsylvania :-(

  5. I tried really... er... hard not to do this, but I'm just too childish not to point out the funny side of your post title.

  6. @SCJ - HAHA, thanks for "pointing" that out for me. I guess I should re-word it, huh.

  7. Gina its going to FLYYYY after they start framing! Can't wait to see it!