Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We Have Footers

Our footers were poured yesterday.  Hubby drove by on his way home and couldn't get down the street because the concrete trucks were lining the street and the pumper truck was in front of our house.  We went home and had dinner and headed back out afterwards.  The cement trucks were gone and the pumper truck was down at the clean-out.  And sitting in front of our house was the truck dropping off the foundation wall forms!!  Lots of action today.  It is starting to feel real and sink in that we are going to have a brand new house soon.  I'm trying not to get too excited yet because I don't want it all to be "old news" by the time we move in.  I get the same way with Christmas - especially when the Christmas "season" starts well before Halloween.  By the time Christmas gets here it has lost its appeal to me.  Hopefully the house won't feel that way since from now until we move it in, it will feel like getting a new present every week with moving in as our final present.

But anyway - the part you guys want the most - the pictures.  I will start with a picture from this weekend (with no footers and a beautiful blue sky) and then post our pictures from last night.  And yes, Hubby has already "vandalized" our house.  =)

Our hole this past weekend (love the beautiful weather we had)

Yesterday - Forms are here!

Footers are in

Looking back towards the street

In the future garage

Vandalized our new footers =)


  1. That is a beautiful picture of the sky! You all are moving right along!

    I don't think the excitement will wear off; if anything, it will increase with each passing day!

  2. You guys have a really nice lot! I think your house looks huge already, can't imagine what it will look like ones it's framed!

  3. Making progress! I love the new vandalism on your new home. =) It's also great to be able see the workers in action.