Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OMG We Have Foundation Walls!

So yesterday afternoon they poured our footers.  Today, hubby was driving by the far end of the neighborhood on the way home and looked across (I'll explain in a minute) and saw the big pumper truck on our street.  So he quick called me and told me to come over.  We had planned on just coming out after dinner.  Luckily I was just making the turn into the neighborhood to head home, so I just kept going instead of turning onto our street.  And in case you missed it along the way, we already live in the same neighborhood as the new house.  And when I say neighborhood I really mean a mid-size town since there are 6500 homes and over 15,000 people that live in our neighborhood.   Our new home is in one of the last two sections to be built.  The street our new house is on used to be a different street.  They knocked down the houses that were there and dug up the road.  Then they built part of the neighborhood and put part of the road back at our end (with a new name) and at the other end (with another new name).  And when you are at that end and look down what used to be the street, you can see all the way to our new house even though the two roads don't meet and there are other new houses between the two.

Anyway.  The kids and I meet hubby over at the new house and sure enough the pumper truck is sitting in our front yard and the concrete truck is hooked up.  They were pouring the foundation walls.  After watching the lots on either side of us, I was sure we wouldn't have any activity until at least Thursday to give the footers time to cure.  I guess that isn't the case.  I think part of it is that they want to get the walls done before it rains tomorrow - the rain will help keep the concrete cool as it cures.

So we watched for a few minutes and then headed home to eat dinner.  We drove back over after dinner to check out the work and there are guys still standing there, but the concrete trucks and pumper are gone.  But, here comes the pumper again.  I figure he is there for the house next door or maybe Songig's, but no, he backs back into our lot to start pumping again.  So we walked around to the back of the house to stand on the huge dirt mound and watch them finish off the walls.  Then we walked over to Songig's and watched them start their walls.  It is already 6:30 by this point and getting dark.  Guess they will be working late into the night to finish up at Songig's.  I am forwarding pictures to her since I'm not sure they were coming out today.  I will let her post them up.

So here we go - LOTS of pictures:

Before dinner

After Dinner

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