Monday, October 31, 2011

First Floor Is Up!!

As expected, the first floor went up today.  This morning I brought the guys coffee, donuts, and muffins.  Our PM pulled up just before I did, so he introduced me to the team.  They were still there this evening and were starting to put the joists up for the 2nd floor.  They are trying to get everything up by Friday when it is  supposed to rain again.

The framing lead guy - Victor

Living room window on the left, Garage opening on the right

Living room window and front door

Side of the garage and study window

Back of the house - Family room on the left w/ fireplace, Morning room on the right

Family Room

Family room on left, Morning room on right


  1. Wow! They got a lot done in one day! I'm jealous your house is moving along so quickly. If our was this fast we'd be in already!

  2. awesome! Now it starts looking like something more then a hole and concrete!

  3. Wow! thats a ton of progress. Can't wait to see more!

  4. Great! Looks like they completed a lot in just a day !! Sooo happy for you guys.

  5. They really do complete so much in a day! Your progress is moving along nicely.