Sunday, October 30, 2011

Basement and Garage Floor - Friday

On Friday, the basement and garage floor were poured.  We were hoping to be there right after pouring so we could "vandalize" our concrete again.  No such luck.  It was fresh, but had already hardened on the surface.  Oh well.  Our PM wanted to start framing on Saturday, but we knew that wasn't going to happen with the prediction of mixed precpt.  And we did get sleet and a little snow.

Garage floor

Basement floor - from back of house towards front

Basement door opening under morning room

Sump pump and storage area #1


  1. Looking good! Are those townhouses directly across the street from you?

  2. @John and Colleen - yup, we have townhouses all around us - except behind us - there are houses right behind us, but luckily not right right behind us - we have a large tree save area between the back of our house and the back of the houses on the next street.