Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pre-Construction Day!!

Today we had our pre-construction meeting.  Very good meeting and discussed a few things that we want to do while they are building - like adding extra insulation between the study and family room since we will be making the study into a workshop.

Tomorrow they will start to dig and our tentative settlement is the last week in Dec. or first week of January.

Our "driveway"


  1. I am glad your meeting was good.our pre-con meeting yesterday. Nothing major. No surprises. And yes.. was also have the same kinda "driveway". I noticed they are using your lot for lumber and stuff for 188 and 186. Did you see how fast they are finishing framing of lot 188? I guess we going to close pretty much on the same date as we are breaking ground same day.

  2. @songig - yeah, watching 188 has been great. Yesterday they started placing the roof trusses in the morning and when we went by last night, the roof was done. PM said that ours will go a little faster than 188 for the timeline of footers, foundation wall, to framing - will be quicker than 188. They had a permit issue and had to wait after doing footers and then again after foundation walls were up. I expect to see wood on our lots by the end of next week! So that means we have 11-12 weekends left to pack. GAH.