Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reconsidering :(

We met with Melinda yesterday and went over everything - the lot, the plan, the options, the financing.  Everything.  Spent a good couple of hours there.  We gave our deposit to hold the lot and came home.  As soon as we get home, and hubby starts thinking everything over, he starts to question our decision.

For this development, there are townhouses with a rear garage, small houses with a rear garage, medium houses (Milan, Naples, etc.) and then the "estate" houses (Rome, Victoria Falls, Oberlin - which I'm not sure I would consider estates compared to the true estates further back in the older sections of the neighborhood).  When you come into the neighborhood the townhouses are to the left, small houses to the right then as you move back into the neighborhood you get to the medium houses and the estates wrap around from the right side around to the back of the neighborhood.  Except for our little section.  Our little section has townhouses to the side and front and then a common area in the rear that backs up to existing houses (similar to the estates).  And finally, to the other side you get into the medium houses again.

Hubby is worried about having these townhouses right in front of us.  They are selling for about half of what our house is selling for.  Hubby is worried that over time this would become a problem.  Of course we have a wonderful HOA, so his concern about the upkeep of the townhouses goes away (as long as our HOA is still around), but he still isn't thrilled about having the townhouses right outside our front door.  There are only 5 estates being built in this section of the neighborhood.  It almost seems like the developer wanted to put townhouses there but it just didn't perk for townhouses so they opted to plop in a few more estates.

And I don't think we were expecting the options to be so expensive.  Even with incentives and credits back for downgrading some items we had over $40k in upgrades.  Ouch.  That includes not finishing the basement which now we are reconsidering.  Originally we were going to finish it ourselves because Melinda didn't think they would go for the wall and door changes we were asking for.  In the Rome there is a wall between the finished portion and the storage area, leaving a very large storage room.  We want to move that wall back about 4 or 5 feet.  There is also a door in that wall that we wanted moved to the other side of the stairs.  Neither of which she thought would get approved.  I guess I just don't see why they can't move them since it isn't like we are asking for new walls, just a wall that is moved back a few feet.

So.  We have until Saturday to make up our minds.  Hubby is going to another neighborhood tonight where they have the Rome model home - our neighborhood only has the Naples.  I'm hoping he falls in love with it and that somehow we will make it all work out in the end.  We may be eating ramen noodle for a few years, but I think it will be worth it to have a yard for the kids.

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