Saturday, September 10, 2011

Not Real Happy Right Now

So we got some answers back from our questions list.  Some we expected to get rejected - like moving the door on the study from the family room to the garage.  Disappointed, but not surprised.  Still no tankless water heaters available - a little surprised since I know Ryan can get them and they are available in other states, but I guess just not ours.  But the biggest disappointment is that they won't move the air return vent in the basement.  We are not finishing the basement because they wouldn't finish it the way we want, but the least they could do for us was to move the vent.  The excuse is that they would have to completely redesign the HVAC system and it would ruin the Energy Star rating.  I just don't get it.  How does moving the vent from the right side of the HVAC system to the left side mean that you have to re-do the whole system or moving from one side to the other would cause the Energy Star rating to not be given.

Well, today is our decision day and meeting with Melinda again.  I am hoping we can work some of this out or this may be a no-deal day and we walk away.  Not happy about that.

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