Monday, September 12, 2011

Moving Right Along

Trying to crank out all our initial meetings.  I sent over all our loan paperwork to NVR and have an appointment tomorrow with the loan officer.  Scheduled our appointment with the tile company for Sunday to pick out our tile selections.  Emailed but haven't heard back from the flooring company.  Hubby emailed the wiring company and is waiting for a call back from them - they were having phone connection issues.  Melinda will talk to the PM about some of our red flag issues and will hopefully have answers by Friday when we go in for our follow-up meeting.  We have decided to change the color of the bathroom cabinets and we found that the satin nickel faucet upgrade didn't get added on.

Can't wait to have everything in place so we can get closer to our pre-construction meeting.


  1. We kept all our options in an excel file...we caught a couple of things right before we broke ground...We have 60+ changes and that does not include Guardian or the Flooring or all the color selections and it does not include all the options we included BEFORE we signed the contract...those are all after signing and for our sales rep to only miss documenting a couple...lets just say he is amazing!!!

  2. So much paperwork, but it's all about patience. Congrats! I look forward to reading about your journey! Happy Building :)